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Bent Penis

This is extremely common in its milder forms, but fairly common even with more severe angulation. The are some famous people who are known to be suffering from this problem without any seeming impact on their love life, I cannot print their names here for obvious reasons. If a previously straight penis develops a bend this is known as Peyronies disease.

Although doctors are not certain of the mechanism the most accepted theory is that it is caused by trauma. If during lovemaking the penis is bent, blood vessels and tissues within the penis can be torn. As this damage heals, scar tissue forms in the penis leaving shortening on one side of the shaft. This of course gives rise to a bend.

The disease is initially painful. But over the course of 18 months or so the pain settles. The angulation at the start proceeds quite rapidly but again, as time passes the further angulation ceases. Treatments are available both for the pain and also for the angulation should intercourse be difficult.


Tablets are available that can help with this discomfort. Most people can still manage to make love but for those who find love making impossible an operation is available to re-straighten the penis.





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