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This is an operation that most people associate with children. It is however quite a common operation in adults. I usually see one patient a week or so who needs a circumcision.

The most common reason for a circumcision is inability to retract the foreskin caused by scar tissue. A rare reason for the procedure is to remove penile cancer which can sometimes occur on the foreskin only.

The operation is most commonly performed as a day case, i.e. you attend the hospital only for the day. Most people have the operation performed under general anaesthesia (you are asleep).

The op itself consists simply of removing the foreskin. The skin of the shaft of the penis is stitched to the skin just beneath the glans (or helmet as it is often called in day to day language). The stitches are dissolvable.

Most surgeons use a dissolvable stitch which starts to fall out as early as a couple of days after surgery. On some occasions a single stitch remains stubbornly refusing to fall out. I would suggest that you ignore it as it always falls out eventually.

On the day of the operation it is possible to get some bleeding, usually this is just from the cut edges of the skin. As you can imagine it is very difficult to get a dressing to stay put in that part of the body. It is best to wear loose fitting underwear. It can help to place a sanitary towel in the front of the underwear as it is more comfortable for the first few days (a sympathetic lady may lend you one!).

Unusually a vessel which appeared sealed at the time of surgery may bleed. If this occurs press firmly (but not too firmly or your eyes will water) with a swab or piece of clean tissue for four or five minutes. This will often stop the bleeding. Rarely you may need to have a further stitch put in to stop the bleeding.

On the first day of surgery the wound usually looks nice and neat. Don't be surprised if over the next few days the tip of the penis becomes quite puffy and swollen. This is normal. It will eventually look as beautiful as normal but some patience is needed in the first instance.

Please remember that after a circumcision it is advisable to only use the penis for urination for the first six weeks. After that normal service can usually be resumed.

Also remember that insurance companies take a dim view of people who drive their car too early. The general guide is that you must be able to control your car in an emergency. My advice is to check with your particular insurer before you get behind the wheel.

It is usually best to book time of work, it is difficult to give a clear guide but professional jockeys will usually need more time off than accountants.




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